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Part-Time Ministerial Leaders Education Program

posted on July 29

Part-Time Ministerial Leaders, or PML, is an educational multi-tool that is designed to be both a program (like a degree) and individual courses (freestanding course opportunities). Its dual purpose fulfills four educational needs in our Conference.

Who is PML for?

  • Any lay person who wants to learn more about the Methodist tradition
  • PML is the designated educational program for those pursuing Certified Lay Minister
  • It’s the Missouri Course of Study program available to local pastors who have recently completed licensing school
  • PML serves as an extension school for regular Course of Study. It’s available to part-time local pastors needing to fulfill a regular COS course.

How do I get started?

For those seeking to be Certified Lay Ministers and local pastors who have recently completed licensing school, PML begins with the PML Introduction, a digital course offered on Canvas.

Register for PML Intro Class

Visit to see the specific requirements for PML as Missouri Course of Study, Certified Lay Minister training, continuing education for laity and as a COS extension school.
Questions? Contact Jenny Gragg at